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I would highly recommend Pro2Pro my daughter has been coming since December and what an impressive improvement she has made. Hannah and her team are all fantastic and very professional and supportive to the young girls, it’s brilliant for my daughter to have the opportunity to be taught by women who she inspires to be like

The girls at Pro 2 Pro have been absolutely amazing in coaching my daughter, they all have wonderful personalities and are a joy to be around. My daughter’s confidence has soared along with her skills.

The coaches at Pro2Pro have created something very special, a happy and safe environment where the girls are continuously developing their skills, knowledge and understanding of the game whilst helping them to have a positive mindset and to build resilience; enabling them to be fully equipped to become successful ballers and the best version of themselves. They’re truly invested in the girls and this process. All the coaches treat the girls with respect, kindness they embrace and celebrate their achievements and when possible attend their matches to show their commitment and support. Equally the respect and kindness is reciprocated by all of the girls towards the coaches. At Pro2Pro the coaches truly care about all of the girls and their futures, they’re passionate about creating exciting new opportunities and giving the girls full exposure as to what it will be like to take their game to the next level. My daughter has improved not only on the pitch but her whole mind set has grown and matured and that’s because of the professional coaching at Pro2Pro.

When starting with Pro2Pro my daughter could barely kick a ball. She has come such a long with Hannah, Lois and the team and her football skills are constantly improving which makes her time on the pitch improve too!

Not only have they taught her how to play football they have also taught her to believe in herself and it’s been amazing watching her confidence and self belief grow. The Pro2Pro experience really is second to none. They listen and take each girl as an individual xx

My daughter Poppy started Pro2Pro Academy in March this year. It was her first season playing football and since attending the academy she has progressed massively. Poppy cannot wait to train on Monday evenings with the coaches who are just incredible, encouraging, supportive and fun! She also gets very excited for the holiday camps. Poppy has recently been selected for the Bromley district team which I have no doubt Pro2Pro had a huge part of getting her to that level. We cannot thank the coaches enough for all that they do and teach the girls, week in, week out. They are the best 🫶🏻⚽

Pro 2 Pro Academy’s football coaching for my daughters has been nothing short of extraordinary. The coaches’ expertise and dedication have transformed my daughters into not only better players but also more confident individuals, emphasising values like teamwork and respect. Their personalised attention, constructive feedback, and nurturing environment have been pivotal in their development. What truly sets Pro 2 Pro Academy apart is the sense of community they’ve created; my daughters have formed strong friendships and a support network that extends beyond the field. This Academy is where dreams take shape, talents are nurtured, and values are instilled. If you’re looking for top-notch football coaching for your daughters, I wholeheartedly recommend Pro 2 Pro Academy.

I brought my daughter and a team mate along to the first session and they both came away with new enthusiasm for training. The fact that they are being coached by professional players means all the coaches are great role models for all the girls.

We now have 7 players from our team that attend on a Monday night and we can see the improvement made since they started.

I would recommend Pro2Pro to any girl looking to get some extra coaching.

My daughter has been attending Pro2Pro since the very first session, which I found by pure chance. She has been a keen football player since she was 8 but we struggled to find any elite girl training anywhere. She attended the first session at 9 years old and has never looked back. She has grown so much in her ability, skill and confidence. The Pro2Pro girls are the ones who brought her to where she is today. She attends an ETC has been accepted into multiple PDP’s along the way. The level of training at pro2pro is out of this world. we thank them greatly. x

I’d like to thank all the girls at Pro 2 Pro for their hard work every week. My daughter has been coming on a Monday evening for little over a year and has gone from a shy and timid player who would often duck out of tackling and challenging for the ball, to someone who never gives up and challenges for every ball – resulting in her winning 3 consecutive weeks “Opposition Player of the Match” in the KGLFL league and getting Player of the month for October as well. Her confidence and skill has improved 100 fold since she’s been at Pro2pro. In my daughters own words “you’ll always find a friend at Pro 2 Pro”

We can’t say enough about the incredible experience our twin girls, Aisling and Caitlin, have had at Pro 2 Pro Academy. The sessions are not only enjoyable but also highly educational, covering a diverse range of skills at a level and tempo that truly prepares them for their Sunday games. Being coached by current professional female footballers they can watch play is truly inspiring. Thanks to Pro 2 Pro, our girls have shown significant improvement in both skill and confidence. We highly recommend Pro 2 Pro Academy to any young girls passionate about football!

Pro2Pro has helped our daughter come on leaps and bounds by giving her unprecedented access to the life, passion and training of current pro players, which has also kept her dream alive of going to the next level. The academy has such a togetherness from the 16 year old girls all the way down to the youngest members. Hattie has without a doubt improved in not just her technical ability but also her attitude towards the game. ALL the coaches are approachable both inside and outside of training to offer advice or answer questions of their own experience which is something you don’t get elsewhere from our experience. Anyone that will listen to us will know about pro2pro and how great it has been. We feel privileged to have been part of this fantastic platform from its infancy and are just as proud as lois and hannah to see it continue to go from strength to strength. Every girls in attendance is made to feel welcome and part of the team. the only issue we have is not having enough time to fit in more sessions. For us it is not even a recommendation to attend pro2pro it is an absolute MUST!